Protector Optic Interceptor E

USD $75

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Protector Optic Interceptor E

USD $75


Optics Protector / Mk2XF

Royal Enfield

Interceptor/Continental GT

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Royal Enfield – Interceptor/Continental GT

Model : Mk3D


Constructed Entirely in Steel

*SAE1010 steel
*Weight 400 Grams
*TlG Weld Process
*Powder Coat Paint (Electrostatic) in MicroTextured Black
*Stainless Steel Bolts INCLUDED (Replace the Originals)


The Mk3D Optic Protector Was Conceived Early and First to Robustly Protect the Integrity of the Lighthouse.

Likewise, it was thought of subtracting the least possible amount of luminosity in night driving conditions, as a consequence and for this reason its “open” design, due to the low density of material that interferes with the beam of light emitted by the lighthouse. Therefore Improves Security and Night Visibility.

On the other hand, other types of protectors of the “grid” style offered in the market, subtract more than 50% of the luminosity emitted by the optics, as a consequence of this they provide protection but remove night visibility and lack practicality at the time of cleaning.

Later Easy Access To The Optics Glass Was Taken Into Account During Cleaning. Also in road driving conditions where easily and after a few kilometers the optics tend to become opaque as a result of insects, thus reducing visibility in night conditions, and which can usually only be cleaned at passing service stations, the Optic Protector Mk3D was thought for those Situations and Allow Cleaning “On the Go”. As a result, it improves the experience of handling and practicality of the accessory.

Finally, the look and integration in the vehicle were taken into account. Due to the silhouette of its components, they make it more enveloping, as well as robust. Its Curvilinear Design Is Able To Integrate Harmonically Into The Motorcycle, Giving As A Final Result A Useful, Attractive, Efficient And Durable Accessory.

Of Argentine Design and Artisan Construction



Additional information

Weight 0,400 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 cm


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